Templates For Teachers

Why are the files the most effective method to complete goals?

The files include all necessary materials and additional documents to fulfill the professional tasks.

How to make slides for teachers interactive?

By working with the slides you can experiment and make educational presentations even more interesting and informative.

How do I save innovations to the teacher templates?

You should press the necessary buttons through the use of the simple interface.

How can I use the teacher's presentation?

You can show your slides developed using the teacher templates on digital displays such as a laptop or computer.

How do you open the slides for teachers to co-authoring?

We've great news! Multiple people can work together to create a presentation. To share a user to real-time collaboration, follow this step-by-step guide: Open the teacher template in Google Slides. Click the «Access Settings» button. In the pop-up, select the «Allow access» option. Choose a status for the user («Editor», «Commenter», «Reader») Copy the link to the file and send it to the users.