Marketing Templates

Can I add text blocks to the marketing files created due to the availability of the Google Slides needed to use the documents to complete goals?

You can turn the slides into the most effective place to show and share different types of the content.

How to print a file after the end of the editing?

We understand how important it is for you to have printed files on hand when you showcase a business strategy or advertising campaign. All images, graphics, and text elements in the template are pre-formatted.

Can the free marketing Google Slides template be used commercially?

We've always wanted to create the best possible template experience for our users.

Can I share the Google files or the introduction of a marketing template?

The users can use the templates as they express a desire to share with friends on social media, publish in thematic communities or put them on your resource. A small recommendation: before publishing marketing files created through the use of the files, convert them to PDF format. This way, your slides will look unique and visually appealing. Also, you can send your Google Slides for the creation of the marketing documents based on the templates via email.

How to innovate the structure in the files?

The users can change themes through the active use of the simple interface containing necessary buttons.